Emergency cooling in all performance levels for solid fuel boiler systems, including emergency cooling pumps with diesel engines.

 Emergency Cooling Pump with Diesel Engine  Emergency Cooler (Outside)  Emergency Cooler (Inside)
 Emergency Cooling Pump
with Diesel Engine
 Emergency Cooler (Outside)
 Emergency Cooler (Inside)


Typical emergency cooler as a water basin with a generously sized coil. The cooling of the solid fuel boiler is effected by water evaporating and the resulting steam is discharged directly into the atmosphere.



Automatic thermal degassing and venting of thermal oil systemsAutomatic thermal degassing and venting of thermal oil systems.
Delay Free derived from air and gases from all liquid carrying systems independent of pressure, temperature and flow rate variations. The controller closes on rising fluid level.









Nitrogen equipment for inert gas overlayNitrogen equipment for inert gas overlay in the expansion tank.
Thermo oil heating systems are generally built as closed systems. The thermal oil in the expansion tank is thereby protected by inert gas (nitrogen) from the atmosphere.
This increases the service life of the thermal oil extreme.